Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What does Dreissig mean?

    Dreissig means 30 in German. The CEO was a professional football player there and wore that number on his jersey.

  2. How long has the company been operating?

    Dreissig Apparel was founded in 1998.

  3. Why was Dreissig started?

    To supply athletic teams with uniforms and workout apparel. Also to become a giant in the athletic apparel industry.

  4. Is Dreissig Apparel a U.S. company?

    Yes, Dreissig Apparel’s headquarters are located in Syracuse, NY. Visit us in Syracuse at 2002 Teall Ave. Syracuse, NY 13206.

    A division of Dreissig Lady is also located in Los Angeles, CA. (

  5. How was your logo developed?

    It was developed to represent the number 30. The number 30 is the football jersey number that the CEO of Dreissig wore while playing at the University of Tennessee, and professionally in Germany. A Syracuse University student designed the logo.

  6. What is the 5 year goal of the company?

    To continue to have a presence in the U.S. athletic apparel industry. For our fans and supporters to continue to have their family and friends proudly wear our quality apparel. We will always continue to give back to our community. We volunteer and give back portions of our proceeds. See also, for our sister company’s “Clap Out Series.” Great for fundraising and we donate to each cause the customer chooses.

  7. Where is your apparel made?

    Dreissig Apparel is made by U.S. based companies.