Dreissig Apparel
Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Dreissig Apparel

Welcome to Dreissig Apparel Inc.

Dreissig Apparel was founded to design, manufacture and distribute new and exciting athletic apparel. Dreissig Apparel is the fastest growing athletic apparel company in New York and is establishing a visible presence in the athletic apparel industry.

Dreissig Apparel’s overall objectives are to position our apparel as the leader in the market in style, price and quality. Responses from customers indicate that our product is enjoying an excellent reputation and we fully intend to continue this trend.

Dreissig Apparel is known for its quality lines that are worn by athletes and celebrities around the Globe!  We at Dreissig believe that it has three main factors which contribute to it’s success: Product, Promotion, and Personality.


Dreissig Apparel - Athletic Apparel